Accelerating ESG Ambitions: The Synergy of Collaborative Partnerships in Rubber Recycling Innovation

Circular Rubber aims to ensure that our devulcanized rubber reclaim product is integrated into new rubber products instead of virgin natural rubber as part of a genuine circular economy. Therefore, our relationships with customers across the different customer sectors are paramount. With tire manufacturers being the largest customer segment, they consume 70% of the world’s virgin rubber. This still leaves 30% of a multi billion dollar market to serve. This market is divided between a variety of different product markets, each with their unique requirements. Each customer segment has distinct requirements, pain points and value drivers. The big synergy across all the customers we serve is that to create a circular rubber industry, it is essential to establish collaborative partnerships and prioritize the advancement of sustainability, innovation, and ethical business conduct.

Insights from customers play a crucial role in determining the optimal utilization of devulcanized rubber reclaim within their compounds and production procedures. Leveraging their expertise allows us to refine our devulcanization methods, ensuring a consistent quality tailored to their precise requirements. This collaboration fosters innovation, advances rubber recycling, and promotes closed-loop systems for reclaimed rubber in tire production.   This reduces reliance on virgin rubber and minimizes waste generation, aligning with ESG objectives.

“Collaboration drives innovation in rubber recycling and propels sustainable practices across industries, contributing to a greener future.”

We intentionally seek out partners that are forward-thinking and transparent in their objectives. This approach helps us to advance our mission and support partners in achieving their goals.  At our core, we are committed to driving sustainability and ethical business practices forward. We prioritize collaboration and work closely with our partners to achieve shared sustainability goals. By partnering with us, organizations can benefit from reduced greenhouse gas emissions, faster turnaround times, and faster delivery. We strive to use business as a force for good, balancing profit with purpose and aiming to create positive impacts for all.

“For every young company it is crucial to find the early adopters. We work with these launching customers by signing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU’s). Providing us the required proof of market fit and offering our customers the advantage of special pricing arrangements and customized solutions that help achieve their financial and sustainability objectives.”

By combining resources and skills with our partners, we create cutting-edge products and solutions that promote environmental stewardship and ethical business practices. Through collaborative research and innovation, we accelerate progress towards shared sustainable objectives and facilitate efficient risk management.  Our complemented capabilities include reporting, measurement, and disclosure resources, allowing businesses to satisfy changing regulatory expectations and market demands while presenting new possibilities for a low-carbon economy transition. 

Old Tires

Our Alberta, Canada, facility specializes in devulcanizing end-of-life mining truck tires. This, together with the unique and stable process, produces a devulcanized reclaim product that is consistently high in quality. Detailed LCA also shows that substituting 1000 kg of virgin natural rubber results in approximately 700 kg reduction in carbon emissions. In addition, there are substantial cost savings over current NR rates under exclusive offtake agreements.

Our commitment to ESG considerations extends beyond product offerings. We provide ESG value by allowing customers to purchase carbon offsets alongside their products or services to reduce their carbon footprint. We continuously monitor and assess carbon reduction activities to discover areas for improvement, expansion, and innovation.

We are poised to navigate regulatory complexities and enhance transparency in anticipation of upcoming legislative changes mandating sustainability disclosures. By aligning with like-minded partners, we can demonstrate a shared commitment to ESG principles and foster a culture of responsibility and openness.

In conclusion, collaborative partnerships between rubber devulcanization companies and customers are instrumental in driving innovation and achieving ESG goals in the rubber industry and beyond. By leveraging synergies and expertise, these partnerships pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future.

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Maartje van der Sande, CEO
Maartje, CEO of Circular Rubber, has 15+ years of experience in complex project management and technology deployment with Shell. She leads the journey towards the first commercial-scale facility, providing direction to the project team, building strategic partnerships, and focusing on fundraising.