Building the Future Workforce: Our Responsibility

It is no secret that we value partnerships and collaborations at Circular Rubber. This is true not only in moving our business forward, the industry, and the circular economy but also when it comes to engaging our future workforce. At Circular Rubber, we feel a responsibility to our local communities, our local college, Red Deer PolyTechnic, and global communities to contribute to forging a path for future generations. 

As the world continues to evolve and technology advances at an ever-increasing pace, along with the environmental challenges we face today, it’s essential to look to the future and consider how we’ll build the workforce of tomorrow. It’s our responsibility to provide a clear path for young people with the guidance and support they need to succeed in their early working lives. 


These pathways can involve mentoring, internships, apprenticeships, or training programs that provide hands-on experience and teach essential skills. By giving young people a chance to learn and grow in a supportive environment, we can help them build the confidence and knowledge they need to succeed, which is crucial for companies to continue flourishing. 

At Circular Rubber, we collaborate closely with the city and the local colleges and universities to create programs and opportunities for the local youth. 

Along with these practical resources, we want to inspire and motivate the youth and give them something to bite their teeth into. We want to foster both entrepreneurship and intrapreneurial mindsets. We want to encourage competencies such as critical thinking, creative problem solving, out-of-the-box thinking, and such to make sure they move the needle forward on the critical issues we are working on. An employee is more than someone who works for the company; everyone contributes unique skills, perspectives, and energy that drive our collective success and foster a vibrant, collaborative culture.

Building Bridges

Another critical component of building the future workforce is building bridges between generations. Older workers have a wealth of experience and knowledge that can be passed down to younger workers, and younger generations are brought up in a digital era and look at the world through a different digital lens. By fostering communication and collaboration between these two groups, we can create a more dynamic and productive workforce.

At Circular Rubber, we believe in the power of mentorship and knowledge transfer. We actively encourage our seasoned professionals to mentor younger colleagues, sharing insights and expertise that help shape their careers and perspectives and, for themselves, continue to learn from younger generations.

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As we look ahead, our commitment remains steadfast—to nurture talent, foster innovation, and contribute positively to our community and industry. Together, through partnership and collaboration, we can build a future workforce that is not only skilled and capable but also driven by a shared vision of sustainability and progress.

Christa de Ridder, People & Business Operations Manager

Christa has 15+ years of experience in People Operations, specializing in leading complex reorganizations for multinational corporations and global recruitment initiatives. At Circular Rubber she is responsible for initiating, creating, and maintaining people processes, as well as recruiting new team members to help build and strengthen the organization.