We are thrilled to announce the publication of Circular Rubber’s 2nd Annual Impact Report. This comprehensive document highlights our progress, achievements, and the lessons we’ve learned over the past year as we continue our mission to foster a circular economy within the rubber industry and strive for the infinite reuse of the world’s rubber. 

As a certified Bcorp, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond words—it’s embedded in every facet of our operations. Our latest impact report provides detailed insights into how we are improving the wellbeing of our workers, reducing waste and improving resource efficiency and how we continue to work with our customers to ensure our product meets the requirements to increase the world’s use of recycled rubber. It showcases our efforts to minimize environmental impact while maximizing the positive effects on our community and the industry at large.

Why Impact Reporting Matters

Impact reporting is more than just a corporate formality; it is a critical tool in driving the transition towards a circular economy and a more sustainable society. Imagine a company striving to reduce its environmental footprint—impact reporting is the compass guiding this journey.

Consider the story of Circular Rubber. As a certified Bcorp, we set ambitious goals to improve across the five (5) Bcorp impact areas. Through detailed impact reporting, we tracked our progress meticulously. We measured the impact of our actions and evaluated the effectiveness of our implemented solution. This data-driven approach didn’t just confirm our successes; it highlighted areas where we could push further.

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Regular impact reporting encourages continuous improvement and innovation. By documenting and reflecting on our practices, we can uncover new opportunities for improvement across the five (5) impact areas and progress toward our vision: the infinite reuse of the world’s rubber.

Impact reports also play a crucial role in fostering innovation. By regularly analyzing and reflecting on our practices, we uncover new opportunities for increasing energy efficiency, reducing waste and creating value from recycled materials. This ongoing process of evaluation and adjustment is akin to navigating uncharted waters, where every new discovery propels us closer to our sustainability goals.

Moreover, impact reporting strengthens our relationship with stakeholders. It provides our people, partners, customers, and community members with a clear, honest account of our efforts and outcomes. This transparency builds trust and ensures that everyone involved can see the genuine impact of our work. It’s not just about celebrating successes; it’s about learning from challenges and committing to continuous improvement.

Through these detailed reports, we also aim to inspire change across the industry. By sharing our journey, we hope to motivate other companies to adopt similar sustainable practices. Our impact report becomes a benchmark and a source of inspiration for others looking to make a positive difference.

A Glimpse into Our Impact

This year’s report highlights significant milestones, including substantial milestones in the “governance” and “workers” impact areas. We also showcased significant progress in the “customer” category by launching various early customer engagements and pilot projects. With the Red Deer facility moving towards completion, our environmental impact will start to show when we start to produce products and substitute virgin natural rubber. We also celebrate the ongoing partnerships with organizations focused on sustainability that we formalized this year. 

We invite you to explore our 2nd Annual Impact Report to learn more about our journey and how we are making a tangible difference. Together, we can move towards a circular economy and build a more sustainable future for all.

Thank you for being part of this journey with Circular Rubber. Your support and engagement are crucial as we continue to strive for excellence in sustainability.

You can find the impact report on our homepage.

Maartje van der Sande, CEO
Maartje, CEO of Circular Rubber, has 15+ years of experience in complex project management and technology deployment with Shell. She leads the journey towards the first commercial-scale facility, providing direction to the project team, building strategic partnerships, and focusing on fundraising.