Driving Impact Through Responsibility and Collaboration

Circular Rubber operates with genuine intention. They employ a triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.

The subject of ethical leadership in business intrigues me.  Although I would argue that preserving the profitability of our shareholders is ethical, responsible business practices extend beyond profit margins.  Accepting responsibility means acknowledging the interconnectedness of operations with the environment, society, and all stakeholders.

Responsibility isn’t merely a trend; it’s a fundamental pillar of sustainability. From reducing carbon footprints to ethical sourcing and fair labour practices, embracing accountability for one’s impact fosters trust, credibility, and long-term relationships.

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Accountability involves listening to customers’ concerns, feedback, and suggestions. Integrating this feedback into product development for longevity and recyclability so waste is minimized. 

Circular Rubber actively seeks partnerships of shared values and ethical standards that will amplify impact.  Aligning values is integral to fostering strong, sustainable relationships and positively impacting business interactions. 

By working together, solutions are created that address complex challenges.  A collaborative approach that ensures voices are heard, and ideas are integrated, fostering a culture of innovation and inclusivity.

Like our customers, our team wants to work with suppliers who are open about their practices, sourcing, and production methods.  Aligned partnerships enable fair negotiation and finding compromises that benefit all parties involved, which is often a better position to be in when adapting to changing market demands.

I believe aligning values with suppliers and customers isn’t just about business—it’s about creating a network of trust and shared purpose. It leads to more meaningful and enduring relationships that benefit all parties involved, ultimately contributing to a positive brand image and high-quality products responsibly and collaboratively.

Shauna Leblond, MGM MCI MBA, Chief Integration Officer (CIO)
Shauna has 20 years of experience in capital-intensive multinational projects. She is responsible for project planning, engineering, and execution, managing relationships with key external partners and contract owner for engineering and construction work.