Forging Innovation: Embracing Perseverance & Cooperation on the Path Less Traveled

In my experience, product development is an ever-evolving landscape where two fundamental pillars stand tall: perseverance and cooperation. These attributes have been instrumental in fostering innovation and empowering the organizations I’ve been part of to venture into new segments. This symbiotic relationship serves as a key to unlocking untapped markets for Circular Rubber and solidifying our vision.

Perseverance has played a crucial role in helping my teams overcome obstacles, setbacks, and failures inherent in the innovation process. I’ve found that this level of resilience is vital because it’s easy to feel tempted to give up when faced with challenges. However, I’ve seen firsthand that those of us who persist continue to iterate, develop, and enhance our products until we achieve success.

Meanwhile, cooperation has enabled cross-functional teams I’ve been a part of to collaborate on market research, product design, testing, and marketing strategies. This ensures that our product diversity meets customer needs with the highest level of quality.  From my perspective, no product or idea exists or thrives in isolation. By fostering synergy, we bring together diverse viewpoints and experiences, resulting in more robust and innovative ideas.

Perseverance fuels the journey into uncharted territories and cooperation acts as a catalyst for innovation in the process.

For me, diversifying into new markets feels like embarking on an adventurous journey. It entails taking calculated risks, facing unforeseen challenges, and persisting through setbacks. The path is rarely smooth; unexpected hurdles, market fluctuations, and regulatory complexities test my resolve, even as part of the most seasoned teams. Yet, it’s my unwavering determination to overcome these challenges that sets my ventures apart.

At Circular Rubber, I’m proud to say we foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptation where I can apply the lessons learned from past experience to create a better tomorrow . Each obstacle we face as a team presents an opportunity for me to learn something new, refine our strategies, and change directions when necessary. For me, it’s not about avoiding failure but rather about embracing it as a stepping stone, and stepping up towards growth and new ideas, in trust.


It’s our vision and unwavering belief in the value of what we offer!

Being a visionary is a virtue to me because it means having the ability to see possibilities beyond present circumstances. I believe visionaries possess a forward-thinking mindset that allows the imagination to strive for a better future. In our product, we challenge the status quo and push boundaries, paving the way for progress and growth, whether it’s in technology, science, art, or social change.

From R&D and marketing to sales and customer support, we harness collective intelligence to tackle complex challenges and unearth innovation.  That means what we visualize extends beyond organizational boundaries, looking to partner with industry leaders, startups, academia, and even competitors to unlock new opportunities for market development. By leveraging each other’s strengths, we can amplify our impact and accelerate.

By fostering a culture of resilience, continuous learning, and long-term vision, our team can navigate the challenges of diversification with confidence.  Simultaneously, by embracing cooperation, we can harness the collective wisdom of our teams, partners, and customers to fuel innovation and create transformative solutions that resonate across diverse markets.

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I truly believe that embracing these guiding principles will help us continue to navigate challenges, foster innovation, and unlock untapped opportunities, paving the path to sustained growth and market leadership. I invite you to join Circular Rubber on this journey and collectively strive for the infinite use of the world’s rubber. Looking forward to connecting with you!

Shauna Leblond, MGM MCI MBA, Chief Integration Officer (CIO)
Shauna has 20 years of experience in capital-intensive multinational projects. She is responsible for project planning, engineering, and execution, managing relationships with key external partners and contract owner for engineering and construction work.