Forming strategic cooperations unlocks benefits and catalyzes substantial transformation

Strategic alliances unleash revolutionary potential, putting Circular Rubber and our partners on the cutting edge of a market paradigm shift.  This cooperative synergy redefines our shared journey, driving innovation to unprecedented levels of accomplishment.  Being a part of this innovative ecosystem benefits both our partners and Circular Rubber and contributes to broader goals in ethical business practices.

When you partner with Circular Rubber, our strategic cooperation can be centered on the vertical integration of sustainable materials, offering both of us several advantages.  By combining our capabilities, resources, and processes, we will work towards creating new products, implementing greener supply chains, and promoting responsible sourcing practices. By adopting a fresh approach to sustainable solutions, we effectively reduce the amount of valuable materials going to waste, and the carbon footprint that comes with it.

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Circular Rubber is actively seeking partnerships that have the potential to revolutionize traditional industries by changing the way people think, behave, and make assumptions. This may involve collaborating with regulatory bodies and government programs to promote policy reform, innovation, and cooperation. It could also include designing a new brand or establishing a new research facility, creating new marketspaces we couldn’t see in isolation.

By adopting a fresh approach to sustainable solutions, we can effectively reduce the amount of valuable materials going to waste, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

Cooperation is a catalyst that generates valuable insights, lowers risk, opens up new market opportunities, and facilitates mutual value creation. When we share our experiences and commit to reimagining our products, we can create a compelling value proposition that fuels rapid growth and transformation.  Our common goal is to accelerate change, ensure superior product quality, and integrate more recycled/renewable materials into the value chain, contributing collaboratively to environmental responsibility.

We encourage you to reach out to us at to discuss the possibilities for your organization.

Shauna Leblond, MGM MCI MBA, Chief Integration Officer (CIO)
Shauna has 20 years of experience in capital-intensive multinational projects. She is responsible for project planning, engineering, and execution, managing relationships with key external partners and contract owner for engineering and construction work.