Learnings from Constructing R&D#1

Constructing a facility and production line using equipment sourced globally is a complex project. It challenges compatibility, power requirements, technical specifications, team culture, and communication protocols.  Agility and collaboration play pivotal roles in problem-solving and driving improvements in engineering.

Balancing the design process with construction needs requires synchronized workflow and good relationships. Cooperation is necessary to ensure designs are practical and constructible without compromising quality.  Being open and willing to design-build for performance ultimately requires trust in your partner(s).

Queens Aerial Crt
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Striking that balance between design and construction is found here in our facility.  Our partnerships share the understanding that adaptability is key, and the best position to build from is when everyone is in alignment.  Our relations with contractors and partners help us create good strategies and a clear vision.

I learned that our contractors are excellent at what they do, providing necessary support, knowledge, and advice that saves time and money and leads us down a feasible path. They show me comprehensive designs with the most logical integration in different languages and functions, innovating a cohesive production line. 

Then, there are hidden gems that most don’t see, like logistics, import/export, and compliance when moving equipment across borders.  These are the interfaces where possible integrations can seem like seamless compatibility, where I tell my partners that it is because they did such a good job it looks that way!  Great job, thank you!

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Looking back at learnings from construction in Red Deer so far, it is truly the contributions and patience of our contractors, suppliers, and project engineers that I hold much gratitude for.  Their professionalism, patience, and focus on joint success help us succeed.  Collaboration stands as the cornerstone and synergy for better planning, problem-solving, and decision-making, ultimately enhancing the high standards we have come to expect.

Shauna Leblond, CIO
Shauna has 20 years of experience in capital-intensive multinational projects. She is responsible for project planning, engineering, and execution, managing relationships with key external partners and contract owner for engineering and construction work.