Revolutionizing the Rubber Industry by Saving 2.7 tonnes of CO2e per Giant Mining Tire

In the face of a global challenge, Circular Rubber is at the forefront of transforming the rubber industry. Globally, over 1 million tonnes of mining tires reach their end of life annually. The conventional approach is to bury these tires on operational mine sites after only being used for 4 to 6  months. This poses operational challenges and raises significant environmental and safety concerns. These discarded tires become breeding grounds for pests, contribute to heavy metal and carcinogenic chemical leaching, and pose a severe risk of uncontrollable fires if ignited.

Instead, Circular Rubber’s clean, chemical-free devulcanization process is able to provide a sustainable and circular solution to the end-of-life mining tire problem.  Typically, when rubber is recycled, it gets made into products like rubber mats or playground flooring. However, through Circular Rubber’s processing, we are able to retain the value and quality of the rubber, allowing it to be reused in new high-grade applications such as new tires and other vulcanized rubber applications and as such substituting virgin natural rubber that is normally used. Each giant mining tire (weighing approximately 4.5 tonnes) converted into a devulcanized rubber reclaim and substituting virgin natural rubber saves 2.6 tonnes of CO2e emissions (equivalent to the offset from 129 trees a year)! Making Circular Rubber devulcanized rubber reclaim  ~73% less carbon intensive than natural rubber from Thailand. 


The enormous net reduction in GHG emissions comes from the fact that Circular Rubber is committed to using 100% renewable energy, allowing valuable materials such as rubber and steel to have a second life and displacing the need for virgin rubber and virgin steel with a local alternative.

Circular Rubber has found a way to convert end-of-life tires into a material that can replace virgin natural rubber. This process helps to eliminate waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and preserve the natural environment. Moreover, it provides tire manufacturers and other customers with a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to virgin rubber. Overall, it’s a win-win-win situation!

Circular Rubber will build facilities across the globe in mining regions, supplying customers with a sustainable and cost-effective product and de-risking their supply chain while providing mining companies with a solution to their second-largest operational waste stream at their doorsteps. With Circular Rubber’s transformative technology, we will pave the way for a greener, more circular tomorrow and the infinite reuse of the world’s rubber.

Raahem Sheikh, Project Engineer E.I.T.

As a Project Engineer with education and experience in chemical and energy engineering, Raahem assesses and ensures the technical feasibility of the engineering designs and implementations. Raahem is skilled in technical risk assessment and mitigation.