We’re a Certified B Corp! But What Does This Actually Mean?

At Circular Rubber, we are fueled by a profound dedication to transforming the tire recycling landscape. Founded by a group of passionate individuals, our journey began with a shared shock at the colossal environmental impact of rubber waste generated by tire usage – a waste stream that not only posed ecological challenges but also wasted the tremendous effort and energy used for rubber production.

Thus, we defined ourselves by a core purpose: transforming waste to value. At Circular Rubber, we envision a world where rubber waste is infinitely reused, embodying the principles of a circular economy. Our mission, equally bold, is to positively impact the world by repurposing rubber waste and crafting it into new, high-performance rubber products.

Therefore, getting B Corp certified made sense for us, as it aligns seamlessly with our purpose, core values, and overarching mission. Becoming a B Corp is a designation awarded to companies that meet rigorous social and environmental performance standards, accountability, and transparency. However, it goes beyond a mere certification; it is a global movement of businesses committed to using their power to positively impact the world.

As of February 2024, we proudly announce that Circular Rubber is officially B Corp certified! 

Our journey towards getting B Corp certified is more than a mere checkbox on a list; it is a testament to our dedication to being a positive force in the world. By seeking this certification, we make a bold statement — an unwavering commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and positive societal impact. As we move toward a more sustainable and regenerative future, we invite everyone to join us on this transformative journey, where every step is a conscious stride toward a more responsible and impactful tomorrow.

Learn more about B Corp certification here.

Co-written by Kristy Ip, Sustainability Coordinator at Circular Rubber.

Maartje van der Sande, CEO
Maartje, CEO of Circular Rubber, has 15+ years of experience in complex project management and technology deployment with Shell. She leads the journey towards the first commercial-scale facility, providing direction to the project team, building strategic partnerships, and focusing on fundraising.