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Circular Solution
for End of Life Industrial Tires

Circular Rubber Technologies Inc.

A large and growing challenge

Annually around 800,000 tonnes of end of life tires are being generated in the mining industry around the world.

Lack of legislation, or the exclusion of Off The Road (OTR) tires from legislation, together with the cost associated with the disposal of End of Life tires has led to large volume of tires stored on mine sites.

A small percentage of tires is being reused on site in different applications or is being recycled into rubber crumb, asphalt or oil products. Some are just being burned as Tire Derived Fuel.

Globally, OTR tires sales account for 1% of the total number of tires sold, but 15-20% of volume weight 

Why is this urgent 

Finding a circular solution for end of life tires has never been more urgent.

The public, investors and governments are pushing for more sustainable mining practices. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations in jurisdictions such as Brazil, Chile, Minnesota, and Ontario require producers to be responsible for End of Life OTR tire recycling or disposal.

Even in areas where legislation is not explicit there is an increased expectation from not just the public but also from local stakeholders and investors that waste tires are handled in a responsible and sustainable matter. 

Circular makes $ sense

Mining tires have a high degree of natural rubber. Natural rubber reclaim, done well, is a resource that can be used in the production of new tires. As such that reclaim material has market value dependent on the feedstock, the process used for reclaim and the required logistics.

A circular approach to these high end industrial tires as such makes sense economically.

This is where we come in: finding the best fit between your feedstock and commercial scale reclaim processes.

We are a full service company that is willing to own and operate equipment on your site, figure out the required logistics as well as developing our own reclaim facilities. 

 Circular Approach to your End of Life Tires

Tires converted back to tires

CRT is developing a circular solution that is good for the environment and the bottom line.
In contrast to the present practice of downgrading the material to fuel, crumb or other lower grade uses we reclaim the valuable materials present in the tires in a way it can be reused for what it was created for: tires!
We provide a full service by starting with a local, modular solution to deal with OTR tires on site followed by a centralized devulcanization process.
We are in the process of developing the first commercial scale devulcanization plant for industrial tires in North America, providing a sustainable alternative for the mining, forestry and agricultural industry to deal with the end of life OTR tires.

We are based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada and are working together with a number of industry partners and initiatives. Together we have decades of industry experience.

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Circular Rubber Technologies Inc.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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